About us

About us


We are the leading real estate developer in Bangladesh, and through our iconic developments, we are one of the most well known.


We provide the below services for high end, luxury building requirements in Bangladesh.

  • Construction
  • Development
  • Design & Build
  • Real Estate
  • Supply
  • Planning
  • Civil Work
  • Project management
  • Government Of The People’s Republic Of Bangladesh.
  • Century International   ARMS Corporation,
  • Albert David (Bangladesh) Ltd.
  • Dhaka Electric Supply
    Company Ltd (DESCO)

List of Major Projects

Construction of Pollakandi Bridge (608-Meter-Long) over Old Brahmaputra river under Local Government Engineering Department
(LGED). Execution period 3 years.
Project cost: Tk 40.00 crore
Approach Road of Pollakandi- Bridge (5KM)
Package – II under Local Government Engineering Department. (LGED).
Project Cost: 5.00 Crore
Protection works of Approach Road of Pollakandi-Raumari Bridge under Local Government Engineering Department (LGED).
Project Cost Tk: 7.92 Crore
Construction of Road and Bridge under Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) IDA Fund, At Vakurta, Savar
Project cost: Taka 7.65 Crore
Container Yard at Chittagong Sea port under Port Link Logistic Services (Private concern) 1st Phase
Project Cost: Taka 12.00 Crore
Beautification Work within the Dhaka Urban Area under Dhaka City Corporation.
Project cost: Taka 20.00 Crore
Road Development Work under Dhaka City Corporation
Tejgaon-Farmgate-Kawran Bazar.
Project Cost Taka 4.54 Crore
Bridge/Culvert as well as Road Development Work under ADB/GOB Fund, LGED Jamalpur.
Project Cost: Tk 3.98 Crore
Container Yard at Chittagong Sea port under Port Link Logistic Services (Private concern) 2nd Phase
Project cost: 6.32 Crore
Design Build and Turnkey Construction of 230/132KV sub-station at Bogra against contract No. 2001 66 389/SS Dated:
04/01/2006 under Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. (PGCB), ABB Utilities GmBh, Germany
Project cost: 89.00 Crore.
Shourav Properties Ltd​

Experience with Design Survey Consultants​

Rly. Line survey from TestamukhGhat to Saidpur.

20MW Gas Turbine Power Sub-station at Rangpur.

Greater Dhaka Power Distribution Project Phase-II-A for Shympur, Postogola, Bangabhaban Sub-station.

Railway Bridge near Chhatak.

PDB Power Distribution System of Netrokona.

Second East West Line connector Project (Ashuganj) Bogra 230KV Transmission Line via Jamuna Bridge.

Greater Dhaka Power Distribution Project Phase-II, Khulna, Ishardi, Bogra, Saidpur 230KV Overhead Line Project.


Switchgear spares, Spares for Grid Sub-station, Spares for Power Transformer

Cable fault Locator

Transformer 100-200KVA, Transformer 200/250KVA, Distribution Transformer, 11/0.8KV 200KVA transformer,

Spares of Grid Sub-Station, Power transformer, Supply of 11kv circuit Breakers and spares

Flexible Rubber oil container, transformer oil, HRC Fuse Switch unit, Turnkey contract of 11 KV switch gear panel with circuit breaker, 33KV SF 6 Breaker, current transformer.33Kv control relay panel, 11Kv line maintenance Veiliels and tools, 11KV XLPE 3x185mm2 underground copper cable, 33/11KV,20/28MVA Power transformer, 33KV single care 500mm2 XLPE underground copper cable.

Hawker gas 36 circuit Breakers, Spares for VMV circuit breakers, Hawk gas 1200A 30 KV CB including relay control panel, 36KV &12KV indoor/outdoor CB spares 1250 A, Protective Relays for 11KV switchgears

Reconnaissance survey of the route. Topographical survey of surrounding areas of the Sub-stations. Theodolite level and plane table survey.

Plane table survey of a strip of 50ft along the railway line.

Supply Details At a Glance

shourav Group

Shourav Group is engaged in various types of trading and manufacturing businesses in Bangladesh. Since the sole company Shourav Trading International Limited was registered in 1986, it has emphasized on providing services to the public sector electric utilities and industrial power system market in the country.

Our Address

BTI Landmark, Level-6, CWS(A),
16 Gulshan Avenue,
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh