SSM Enterprise

SSM Enterprise

SSM Enterprise

SSM Enterprise has got 2 manufacturing plants; manufacturing environment-friendly concrete product for roads & highways, river protection, building construction etc.Our goal is to gain 100% integrity in all types of construction and infrastructure. For that we are committed. The units are supported by strong designing ability, state-of-the-art advances as well as restrained administration strategies and framework. We offer the leading plan and development arrangements to our clients on time inside budget with a worldwide standard.

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shourav Group

Shourav Group is engaged in various types of trading and manufacturing businesses in Bangladesh. Since the sole company Shourav Trading International Limited was registered in 1986, it has emphasized on providing services to the public sector electric utilities and industrial power system market in the country.

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BTI Landmark, Level-6, CWS(A),
16 Gulshan Avenue,
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh